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7 Tips For Recent Grads When Working With Recruiters

After graduating college or right before getting their diploma many entry-level job seekers are exposed to recruiters for the first time.

One of the main reasons for this is that many career centers are not too keen on headhunters primarily due to the fact that some recruitment professionals act in a manner that is perceived not to be in the best interest of the college graduate.

Therefore, many entry-level job seekers have little to no idea about the staffing industry until they are initially contacted by a recruitment agency.

When I graduated college, I was recruited by a professional recruiter in Minneapolis whom I knew little to nothing about in a job that I hated for company that was antiquated and not progressive in their thinking. Luckily, this worked out for me.

Regardless, the below advice should help recent college graduates effectively deal with recruiters.

1. Only engage with recruiters who have jobs that pay a base salary.

2. Only engage with recruiters who do not charge the job applicants nor actively push resume services or other job seeking consulting services before the headhunters consider you for a job.

3. Only engage with recruiters who will tell you the name of the company that they are working with prior to interviewing with that firm. However, as a job seeker you should be responsible and confidential about the companies that are hiring as not doing so is highly unethical and is a form of corporate theft.

4. Upon approaching a recruiter or any particular executive search firm, do enough research on the staffing agency prior to initial contact and make sure that the firm deals with jobs that you may like.

5. If a recruiter sends you to meet with a client, remember that upon interviewing with that firm, you are not only representing yourself, but also the recruiter who sent you on that particular interview.

6. Have realistic expectations with your recruitment professional as nobody will find your perfect job for you without you doing the necessary legwork. Recruiters can only do so much; you have to help the recruiters help you.

7. Only work with recruiters whom you feel comfortable with. As a recent college graduate, remember that you’ve worked hard for your degree and, if you don’t feel comfortable with the direction a recruiter is taking you, either voice your opinion and see if the individual changes or change recruiters.

In the end, working with staffing agencies and  recruiters is not brain science, however make sure you have enough information and, upon gathering this information make a decision whether or not you would like to approach head hunters at this point in time.

There are more ethical, hard-working recruiters than the bunch that you often hear about and, working with recruiting firms, if done properly is a good way to diversify your job search.

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